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Hold our breath

Title: Hold our breath
Author: vervet_monkey 
Characters: Mal, River, Kaylee, Wash, Zoe, Book, Simon
Summary: Just Serenity
Timeline: Pre-movie, anytime in series really
Rating: U
A/N: First fic in a long time. Just wanted to see if I could still write the voices

Hold our Breath

‘We hold our breath till the morning comes’

‘Only problem is on this ship mornin’ don’t always come. Not reliably anyways. Us up here can go months without mornin’ so where does that leave us? Got no use for that singing on my ship Dr, sort the girl out’

‘You always have to be so mean cap’n? Nought wrong with River’s singing. I kinda like it. Nice to hear something other than them engines once in a while’

‘Got no use for lazy mechanics either Kaylee. Afore mentioned mornin’ should’ve risen fair few days ago now.’

‘Aint Serenity’s fault cap’n. She’s runnin’ smooth. Think that’s a lazy arse pilot you got’



‘Why ‘aint I seeing mornin’ right about, oh, 2 days ago. Said you’d have us down by now. Got business we’re missin’ down there’

‘Could take us down Captain, could. ‘Cept right now Alliance patrols crawling all over this backwater moon and it’s all I can do to avoid them this far out’

‘Problem sir’

‘Not nought we haven’t met before Zoe’

‘No, sir, we have a problem.’

‘Kinda problem stop me seeing mornin’ anytime soon?’

‘Way I see it not so much a problem, more... slight inconvenience’

‘Got more’n our share of inconveniences right about now, what you got to add Shepherd?’

‘Not me doing the adding, more your young Dr’

‘Doctors more’n grown up enough sort out his own problems, what he got to bother me ‘bout?’

‘Nothing, nothing Captain, I’ll sort it. Just, well, River...’

‘She got a little, creative, with the plumbing’

‘WASH! Get us down on that gorram moon!’
Tags: book, firefly, kaylee, mal, river, simon, wash, zoe
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